Self Collect: STD Testing In Private

Sexually transmitted diseases are still taboo even in this modern age. People are hesitant to talk about it. They are even more anxious about getting tested for STDs even if they strongly suspect that they have one. Just the thought of being spotted by an acquaintance at a clinic can cause anxiety. Unfortunately, procrastination can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort. Early treatment could make the problem go away very quickly. Late diagnosis, on the other hand, could put their lives in danger. Self Collect offers a logical solution to the problem: at-home testing with confidential results.

How It Works

Start by visiting their website at and browsing the available test kits. Simply select the ones that you need and finalize your order. You will receive the items after a few days in a sealed and unbranded package so there should be no worries about nosy neighbors. Follow the instructions regarding sample collection. You can do everything in your own home with any outside help or special tools. Take note of your order number and send the kit back to their lab along with your samples. You will be notified when they have completed their analysis. Log on to their website and use the order number to check the results.

Types of Tests

They have test kits for the most common types of STD. Some of these are suitable for men, others for women, and the rest for both genders. For instance, women can test abnormal vaginal fluids to find out the underlying cause. On the other hand, men can get a trichomonas test and get their suspicions confirmed as soon as possible. There are specially designed STD panel tests for males and for females. Either gender can avail of the HPV Test, the Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Test, the Herpes II Test, and many more.

SelfCollect Advantages

The biggest advantage of these kits is privacy. People will not have to go to a clinic where they can potentially expose themselves as an STD patient. They can avoid direct confrontation until they are ready to do so. They can ease their worried mind and get answers in the privacy of their own home. They don’t even have to see a doctor at this stage as they can collect the sample by themselves. A lot of people are uncomfortable with the thought of being examined by a stranger, even if it is a medical professional.

What’s more, they are guaranteed of up-front pricing. There will be no hidden charges to pay because they can take care of everything from the start. All of it will be transparent. Once they get the kits they need, they can proceed at their own pace. They can collect the samples right away or wait until they mentally ready to do so. They won’t have to fall in line or schedule an appointment. All of the information they need will be printed on the packets. They can find answers without having to endure embarrassing conversations. Identities are confidential and results are completely private. Read Self Collect review comments by customers to learn about their first-hand experiences.