MyLAB Box Review – Why THIS Chlamydia Home Test Kit?

Working Through the Anxiety of Testing

Let’s address the obvious: A number of individuals become extremely anxious at even the thought of going in and getting screened for a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or a sexually transmitted infection (STI). We totally get it! That is why home tests kits by companies like MyLAB Box are here.

Home test kits provide a convenient and confidential process that enables you to test discreetly whenever and wherever you want. The Chlamydia + Gonorrhea Home Test Kit by MyLAB Box costs only $79 and is among the best options available to administer this type of testing.

Check it out here to see for yourself!

MyLAB Box is essentially an FDA-approved, at-home STD and STI test kit designed to screen for sexually transmitted diseases and infections. These include gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis and hepatitis C – all of which MyLAB Box can help test for. This testing service allows you to purchase the kit online via the company website and it is then sent through the mail in an inconspicuous package. There is the option of buying specific kits, based on the disease or infection for which you would like to screen.

Clear Instructions, Confidentially and Accurate Results

The kit includes clear instruction on how the test should be done. After following the instructions and gathering the samples, your next move is to send it to the recommended, FDA-approved lab for screening. With this test kit, your confidentially is assured and you will receive your results in a timely manner. Best of all, the results are as precise as ones done in a clinic, hospital or doctor’s office.

Overall, the process involves administering the test in as little as 5 minutes, mailing in a small sample of urine, a swab or a blood sample from pricking your finger. This should then be placed inside the provided self-addressed envelope and sent off. In 3 to 5 days, you will receive your lab-certified results electronically and only you will be able to access them.

Check out this MyLAB Box review video to see the kit and how easy it is to navigate it!


Additional MyLAB Box Reviews

This second video discusses a couple of things that weren’t in the first video. For one thing, she talks about a liquid that comes in the vial that you send in – as it turns out, that liquid is there for a reason. DO NOT DISCARD IT. The liquid keeps the sample stable while en route to the lab, and during any holding time. In other words, your sample won’t “go bad” if it is in transit or in the lab for a few days.

Also, in this video, she goes through the process of registering the kit on camera, and also shows the time table of when the sample arrived at the lab, and when she got her results. The company pretty much has this nailed. Have a look.

Important Information on Chlamydia and Gonorrhea


In the United States, chlamydia is the STD most commonly reported. Most individuals who are infected with chlamydia have no idea since it frequently has no symptoms. This happens more than 70 percent of the time. The infection is easy to cure; however, leaving it untreated could result in lifelong complications.


Gonorrhea is another common STD that infects men and women alike. It could cause infections in the throat, rectum and genital area. It is particularly common among young adults and teenagers; however, individuals of any age can be infected. A number of men and more than 50 percent of women experience no symptoms when infected.

Specific Benefits of Screening With a MyLAB Box Home STD Test Kit

• No Judgment is Involved in At-home STD Testing

There are a number of persons who feel they are being judged based on their lifestyle choices. Some of these individuals have reported feeling uncomfortable or humiliated by certain comments made by medical professionals involved with the screening process.

In addition, studies have shown that quite a few individuals from the LGBTQ community have talked about being subjected to abusive language, physical roughness, being reprimanded for their health conditions and even being denied service.

This kind of treatment is more than enough for individuals to totally avoid going to the clinic, doctor’s office or hospital for STD screening. Without the availability of an at-home test kit, these individuals would likely not subject themselves to this type of treatment and simply go on without testing, putting their sexual and overall health at risk.

• Your Personal Business Will Remain Private

One of its core intentions when developing the MyLAB Box at-home STD testing kits was to make sure every test package is priced affordably; even for individuals who do not have insurance. One of the great features of the test kit is that it protects your privacy and personal information. Using this method prevents information bureaus linked to insurance providers from gaining access to your screening history.

Your insurance provider is not able to use this data to discriminate against you anymore; however, the information could be used to increase the costs of your insurance policy. Buying your own test kit provides more privacy and enables you to save on current and future costs. HSA and FSA payment cards can be used on the MyLAB Box website at To use any one of these cards, check out as you typically would with any other method of payment.

MyLAB Box home STD test kits are particularly incredible for those who experience anxiety when it comes to sharing specifics of their sex lives, even with a medical professional. Furthermore, at-home testing is a remarkable option for busy people and disabled individuals who might not have the means to readily go for screening.

This method of testing delivers the same accurate lab-certified results as in-office screening, at a fraction of the cost and with none of the associated anxiety. Additionally, it provides an innovative solution for knowing and improving your sexual health.

What about MyLAB Box coupon codes?

Yes! People DO ask about whether or not MyLAB Box offers discounts to customers, and the answer is yes! We have a dedicated page just for that purpose! We will update the page whenever the company offers a new deal. To see current MyLAB Box coupons, Click Here!