Home Testing Kits: EverlyWell Review

Home testing kits are getting ever more popular with consumers for a variety of reasons. First of all is, of course, the convenience involved. You do not need to book an appointment with a physician or a lab or pay multiple visits to the same in order to hand over your sample, get the results, and so on. All you need to do is purchase your kit online, collect your urine/blood sample at home and ship it to a lab or testing center recognized by the company you have purchased your kit from and your results will be delivered home to you typically within 2-3 days. What is more important, all of the above will be performed in the most discreet manner and no record of the tests or results will be disclosed to your personal medical insurance company which means that the tests will not show in your permanent medical records.

EverlyWell Review

Now, all of the above holds true for EverlyWell, a relatively new player in the home testing field and yet one that has already made a name for itself for its high accuracy rates. All EverlyWell home tests are FDA-approved and are validated by CAP and CLIA which represent the highest laboratory standards in the US. In addition, each individual test is separately validated by a physician located in the state where the purchase is made from. According to the Medical Director of EverlyWell, Dr. Marra Francis, test kits at EverlyWell come with an overall accuracy rate of 99%. Dr. Francis further clarifies that though each individual test has its own specificity and sensitivity, the accuracy rate of every single test falls either near or well above the 95% mark.

As for validation, Dr. Francis clarifies that validation studies include a variety of factors such as specificity, sensitivity, precision, accuracy, interference, feasibility, stability, reproducibility, clinical studies and cross-reactivity. And EverlyWell takes all of these factors into account when designing their test kits and providing the results. This is the reason EverlyWell tests are able to produce such high accuracy rates on such a consistent basis.

Note, too, that some of the home test panel kits may also be covered under different insurance plans such as FSA or HSA accounts. At EverlyWell, when you place an order for one of these kits which qualify for some insurance plans, the representative from the company handling the order will let you know this. This is a big plus since if you happen to subscribe to one of those insurance accounts, you can save big money on your home testing kit.

EverlyWell Chlamydia AND Gonorrhea Home Test Kit
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