What To Look For In Chlamydia Home Testing Kits

Home screening kits have become preferable diagnostic options for a lot of people when they want to know their health statuses before seeking professional help. STD/STI kits are some of the most popular alternatives due to the convenience and privacy they afford testees. When a person suspects that he/she has contracted an STI like Chlamydia, a Chlamydia home testing kit will come in handy.

An STD can change an individual’s life dramatically and so, finding out early makes a world of difference. The choice of Chlamydia home screening kits is varied, which can make the task of picking one daunting, particularly for first-time users. Therefore, it is essential for a buyer to gather information and have criteria for narrowing down the available selections. Not every STI testing kit is built the same, and because a person’s health depends on the quality of the equipment, it is necessary to be thorough.

How Chlamydia Home Screening Kits Work

The simplicity of health self-testing kits is one reason they have soared in popularity over the past few year. Manufacturers include detailed instructions on how people should go about the test, meaning there is little room for error. Of course, these instructions will depend on what types of kit it is. All the individual has to do is collect the sample that is requested and mail it to the lab and wait for 3 to 5 days for the results. Most kits test for the Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria, which is the cause of the most common form of Chlamydia (and oftentimes, the Chlamydia kit will also test for Gonorrhea at the same time).

The Need for Chlamydia Home Testing

Online resources have made it easy for people to research diseases, which has fueled DIY diagnoses. A majority of individuals will go to medical websites when they start experiencing symptoms and try to see what they have. However, there is too much information out there, which usually results in more confusion rather than answers. With a home testing kit, a person can take the test and confirm in only a few hours or days if he or she has the disease.

An STI such as Chlamydia is asymptomatic, meaning that symptoms do not manifest. A person can have the disease for a while before being diagnosed. The longer Chlamydia goes without being treated, the more it spreads, causing irreparable damage to the reproductive system. A self-test at home makes it possible to know about a person’s health status early enough.

For an individual who is planning to begin a monogamous relationship or is already in one but suspects a Chlamydia infection, a home screening kit is an excellent way to know one’s status and take the necessary measures. Persons at higher risks of contracting Chlamydia such as those who are sexually active, women between 16-25, and an individual who has had unprotected sex will find more use for home screening.

Home testing kits are cost-effective because they eliminate some doctor’s fees. The traditional screening process begins with a visit to the doctor, where one incurs consultation fees and the referral to a lab, meaning other expenses. In some instances, a doctor can order multiple tests when it is not clear which STIs a patient may be infected with. However, the results from a Chlamydia self-testing kit remove this guesswork. Due to the variety that buyers are subjected to, the rate for buying the kit and testing are competitive hence, offer more opportunities for cost savings.

Tips for Choosing Kits

Before a buyer starts browsing online for Chlamydia home testing products, he or she should know what separates the genuine from the counterfeit, the good from the bad.

Types of Chlamydia Test Kits

Customers have a number of options when buying Chlamydia home testing equipment, and it is critical to know how they work to make a decision. Instant tests are suitable for people who want fast results. They take between 15-30 minutes to deliver the results. An instant Chlamydia home screening kit uses a sample from the urethra in men, and a woman needs to give a cervical sample, which both require using a cotton swab to get them.

Urine tests are common and preferable for many people because they are not as unpleasant as the cotton swabs. After collecting a urine sample, it is then mailed to a certified lab where it is tested. Home tests can differ, depending on the disease they check for. Some manufacturers have kits that test specifically for Chlamydia, and these are suitable if a person is positive that he or she could be infected with that particular condition. The other type of kit is the one that tests for multiple STIs such as gonorrhea, HIV, and syphilis, among others. This kit is suitable if a person is not entirely sure which STI he or she could have. One should consider the benefits that each of these diagnostic tools offers before picking one.

Read Chlamydia Test Kit Reviews

Reviews and testimonials are invaluable resources when deciding which Chlamydia home testing kit to buy. With so many brands promising to deliver fast, accurate, and actionable results, buyers can be understandably confused. Just because a home testing kit reads “results in 15 minutes” or “99% accuracy” does not mean that it is true. Only the views of people who have used the product can verify such statements. A buyer should find objective sites and look for reviews on Chlamydia home testing products for second and third opinions. Reviews will offer information such as the ease of use during testing, the swiftness of result delivery, and value for money, among others.

Brand Reputation

A person looking for a home testing kit for Chlamydia should stick to brands that are known for not only producing a high-quality product, but also uses a certified lab. Avoid any product or company that says you will get “Instant Results” on your own. The consistency of test accuracy is one determinant of the quality of a self-testing kit. If a manufacturer has a reputation for delivering highly accurate results that can be used by medical professionals, customers can rely on its kits. Review sites for STI home testing kits are good places to learn about which brands to check out and the ones to stay away from. The labs that a particular manufacturer works with say a lot about the legitimacy of the results. Tests need to be handled by labs that are CLIA certified, accredited by CAP, approved by the FDA, and HIPAA compliant. Manufacturers that stand by their products inform buyers that they can have results validated by an independent medical expert.

A Chlamydia home testing kit is just to help an individual confirm if he or she has contracted the disease. If the results are positive, consultation and subsequent treatment by a qualified medical professional are fundamental. With STI like Chlamydia, one cannot afford to wait to receive medical care hence, the need for immediate action. Prolonged exposure to the STI leaves the body vulnerable to other sexually transmitted bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Untreated Chlamydia can also cause other health complications including arthritis, infertility, and eye infections. Fortunately, Chlamydia can be treated but only after an accurate diagnosis.

DIY testing has come to save people from a lot of stress associated with conventional testing procedures. With Chlamydia home testing kit, an individual can collect samples from home with the utmost privacy and send them to a certified lab thereby, minimizing doctor visits and costs. A person looking for an accurate and reliable self-testing kit should compare products carefully to find the most appropriate one for his or her testing requirements.